About Dmaris

About Dmaris

Meaning of D'Maris

The mix of letter "D" in "Delicious" and "Maris" in Latin is "Sea Breeze", the reputation "D'Maris" contains meaning "The flavor of sea
Each branch is proudly over 3,000 square meters scale and surpass 200 dishes that are very opulent and from many different countries
in the world. D'Maris can cater for 1,000 people at the same time


The first begining of restaurant chain formation was in Korea with the first branch opening in 2007. Till now, D'Maris holds the belief and wants to create "The best international buffet restaurant with reasonable price".

The motto of D'Maris

Priority only use fresh raw materials and good for health according to the season.
Each morning tests are conducted to check all materials.
All materials are to be purchased and used in the day as a principle does not change.
All the dishes are cooked directly in the premise kitchen.